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Vulnerability Assessment




Vulnerability Assessment as a Service (VAaaS)

What is it?

Vulnerabilities are weakness in IT systems (software, firmware, and configurations) that can be exploited to gain increased access and control.  Typical vulnerabilities include weak ciphers & passwords, poor coding and configuration errors.


Discovering and remediating vulnerabilities is critical to maintaining the security, integrity and availability of IT systems and information.

A Vulnerability Assessment can be targeted at specific areas of an organisation’s infrastructure or across the entire estate, including, Internet perimeter, internal network, and cloud environments (such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2).

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What can it do for me ?

UK-tec offers a Vulnerability Assessment service providing IT managers with a view of their current IT systems vulnerabilities. The output is in the form of an executive and more detailed technical report that highlights vulnerabilities, the severity of the associated risks and what can be done to mitigate them, enabling IT Managers to take control of their information security.

While a Vulnerability Assessment is extremely valuable, it provides an assessment at a point in time, changes implemented after the assessment will not be checked unless the assessment is repeated.  Some organisations only perform assessments every 12 months, potentially leaving vulnerabilities undetected for up to a year.

UK-tec provides Vulnerability Assessment as a Service (VAaaS) takes the form of continually scanning for vulnerabilities. Existing “known” vulnerabilities are maintained in the regular reporting cycle but new vulnerabilities are highlighted, those that are rated as high severity are immediately flagged, enabling rapid remediation


Why UK-tec?

UK-tec utilises award winning Qualys Vulnerability Management application tooling. Qualys is the industry’s most advanced, scalable and extensible solution for continuous vulnerability management and compliance.

Qualys VM continuously scans and identifies vulnerabilities with Six Sigma (99.99966%) accuracy, protecting your IT assets on premises, in the cloud and mobile endpoints. System generated custom, role-based reports for multiple stakeholders, including automatic security documentation for compliance auditors.

As a specialist in securing infrastructure and information our security specialists can work with you to ensure your organisation fully understands the risks and remediation actions needed to maintain the integrity of your data, systems and services on a continual basis.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch and we will see what we can do to support your organisation.

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